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Dive into the dynamic world of coding with our comprehensive full-stack JavaScript program, tailored for a wide range of learners – from absolute beginners to those already seeking jobs. Our step-by-step curriculum, coupled with world-class support, not only equips you with in-demand technical skills but also ensures you stand out in the competitive job market. Embark on a career-transforming journey with a community of aspiring developers, and turn your dream job into a reality.

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Experience Our World Class-Curriculum and Support

Comprehensive Curriculum  

Start from the ground up with our in-depth curriculum, designed to take you from zero knowledge to job-ready. Through engaging video tutorials and practical, hands-on exercises that simulate real-world scenarios, you'll gain both the theoretical understanding and practical skills needed to succeed in the coding profession.

Complementary Mobile App

Take your learning wherever you go with our mobile app. Access engaging video tutorials anytime, anywhere, ensuring you can continue your education even when you're on the move. This flexibility enhances your learning experience, making it easy to fit education into your busy lifestyle.

Progress Check-Ins

Our coaches will be right along side you the whole way, helping you stay on track and hit your milestones. We review your projects in depth and ensure you have grasped the subject material before moving onto subsequent topics.

Live Office Hours

Join our weekly live sessions for deeper learning, personal guidance, and answers to your burning questions.

Discord Chat Support

Get immediate assistance and insights from our vibrant Discord community, where fellow learners and coaches are ready to help in real time.

Emergency Unblocking Sessions

Stuck on a tough problem? Schedule an emergency video call with our experts for quick unblocking. We never want you to be stuck for too long.

Resume & Interview Coaching

Enhance your job prospects with expert assistance in resume building and interview preparation, including realistic mock interviews to sharpen your skills. Our career coaches offer personalized advice to showcase your strengths and achievements, ensuring you're fully prepared and confident for your job search journey.

Go At Your Own Pace

Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, accommodating your personal and professional life. Our program is designed to adapt to your schedule, making learning stress-free and effective.

Access to All Updates

We are constantly working on course improvements, ebooks, mini-courses, guides, and tutorials to make your learning journey as effortless as possible. They will all be yours at no extra cost.

And Much More

Our commitment to your growth drives us to constantly create new tools and resources, making learning even easier and faster. Stay excited for continuous innovations and additions that enrich your educational journey and keep you at the forefront of effective learning.

"Enrolling into Jared’s program is the best investment I have made so far. I always wanted to switch my career to technology, but I just really didn’t know where to start, and Jared gave me a very clear path that has worked out perfectly while I am still able to maintain my full time job. Even after only a couple weeks into the program I already saw the difference in my coding skill. With his knowledge, support and passion in teaching, I do believe I will achieve my goal very fast and I would love to recommend Jared to anyone who is seeking a technology career."

- Vy T.

Your Path

About Your Instructor

Hello! I'm Jared, the founder of CoderComplete, and your lead instructor.

My journey in tech began much like many of yours - with a bold decision to switch careers. It was a grueling process, despite going to the top coding bootcamp, but I persevered. Now, with 6 years of experience under my belt, I've traversed roles from a budding developer to a seasoned full-stack expert.

This program is a culmination of my experiences, designed to bridge the gap for those aspiring to enter the tech world. Having walked the path of transitioning into tech myself, I understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with it. 

I have been coaching aspiring coding professionals like yourself for over a year, watching my clients succeed at much faster paces than I experienced myself. I now am expanding my services in a larger-scale program. 

My experiences have shaped my teaching approach, which focuses on practical, hands-on learning and real-world application. I aim to make coding accessible, engaging, and rewarding for everyone, regardless of their starting point.


Our Mission

As your instructor, my mission is to empower you with not just the technical skills but also the confidence to excel in your new career. I believe in a learning environment that's supportive, interactive, and tailored to your unique journey. Join me in this transformative adventure, where your ambition to change careers meets the right guidance and tools to make it happen!



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